“Scissorwalker” is being released as a 1/6 scale figurine.

“Encroaching blades and unparalleled horror…”
From the masterpiece of horror, NightCry – the creeping murder machine known as “Scissorwalker” is being released as a 1/6 scale figurine.

Scissorwalker – the terrifying and unstoppable killer from NightCry, the spiritual successor to the 90s horror series Clock Tower – is being released as a 1/6 scale figurine from Gecco.

Experience the sheer terror once again in full, elaborate detail… Scissorwalker has been made into a fully three-dimesional figurine, sparing none of the gruesome asnd beautiful detail that terrified players in the game. Even in figurine form, you can still feel the monster creeping up on you thanks to the amazingly detailed construction.

To order, or for further details, see here.
Check out NightCry on Playism and Steam.

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