Playism’s Protagonists to Fall in Love With

Valentine’s Day has come again, and the restaurants are fully booked with date nights and more!
But for some of us, our “night of love” can come in a different form!

Which is why we want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s day, and introduce you to some of Playism’s Protagonists to fall in love with!


Spiritia – Rosenkreuzstilette

A heroine that follows in what she believes is right!



Ray – Angels Of Death

She may not show emotions, but there’s something about Ray that has you looking out for her.



Yonda – Biblinthus

The type to rise to the occasion, and steal your heart



Efina – LiEat

Innocence and endless curiosity will have you loving her.



Kaho – Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight

A young maiden, ready to do anything to save her village.



Lucy – Lucy ~The Eternity She Wished For~

An AI which is so human-like, you can’t help but adore her.



Meglilo – Witch-Bot Meglilo

The type who isn’t really in the mood to deal with stupidity, but really lovable anyway.



Kineto – Starchaser: Priestess Of The Night Sky

The perfect magical girl with her world turn upside down.



Princess – Forward To The Sky

A determined princess ready to fight for what she believes in.



Helen – Helen’s Mysterious Castle

Curiosity leads her to the boundries of her world. Will you journey with her?



Roy – Astebreed

The last line of hope for earth, his determination will have you cheering him on!



Misa – Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae

The tough chick that you just can’t help but love.



Camil – Demon King Chronicle

An adventurer at heart that you just want to stick with.



Professor Lemeza – La-Mulana

Strong and determined. His destiny has a lot waiting for him.



Josef – Machinarium

An adorable robot that you just want to explore the world with.



Who are your favourite Protagonists?

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