Playism’s New Bundles!

Playism has added some new bundles to our Steam games! You are now able to get get special discounts on games by getting our bundles!

Lets take a look at our new bundles!



Two fish enter, one fish leaves….

Our new Seafood Platter features both games from Nussoft, the mastermind behind these insane underwater games. Both are competitive 3D games based on laser wielding sea creatures. If you are out for a fight in Neo Aquarium, or looking to conquer the seas in Ace of Seafood, you are bound to find endless hours of fun in this bundle!




Its a quiet night, where anything could happen…

In a world filled with stories of dreams, magic and places far away, the Dream Collection will introduce these fleeting worlds to you, and let you indulge in them as much as you want. Can you find the secrets they all contain?




Its all about thinking it through…

The Playism Strategy Bundle brings together all the great Strategy games that Playism has to offer. If you are looking for your set of games and love a challenge, then check out this bundle!




Sometimes you just want to charge forwards!

The Playism 2D Action bundle brings together some amazing 2D titles from the Playism catalogue and puts them together in an intense and heart-pounding exciting bundle. If you love your action in the 2D format, then you need to get this bundle!



Also, don’t forget to check out Playism’s complete collection bundle!

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