Playism’s 7th Anniversary Brings 7 Announcements!

We are crazy excited to announce that today we are turning 7 years old! And with our 7th Anniversary, comes 7 very exciting announcements!



1. La-Mulana 2

This summer, the doors will open to this supreme example of the Metroidvania genre!
LA-MULANA 2, which garnered support from 5200 people on Kickstarter in 2014, is finally seeing its release on Steam and Playism.

Official Website:


Check out La-Mulana 2 on:
Playism / Steam

2. Angels of Death

“Please… kill me.”
“Help me get outta here, and I’ll kill you.”

The ultra-popular Japanese horror RPG Angels of Death, also slated for an anime release this summer, is also being released on the Nintendo Switch.

Official Website:


Check out Angels of Death on:
Playism / Steam

3. NightCry

Aboard a luxurious cruise liner with no means of escape, a horrific nightmare begins… The popular horror game NightCry heads to its release on PS Vita.

Official Website:


Check out NightCry on:
Playism / Steam

4. Hakoniwa Explorer Plus

Explore a lively voxel-style garden filled with monsters!

This action RPG title, developed in HSP Program, is getting a major powering-up from the original Japanese Hakoniwa Explorer and is being released on Steam/Playism.

Game Page:


Check out Hakoniwa Explorer Plus on:
Playism / Steam

5. Vertical Strike Endless Challenge

Vertical Strike Endless Challenge, a flight-based action game designed to be easy to pick up, immediately enjoyable, and playable in short bursts is on its way to a Nintendo Switch release.

Game Page:


Check out Vertical Strike Endless Challenge on:
Playism / Steam

6. Kero Blaster

C&F Inc. teleporters are going offline all over the place, and it’s up to an intrepid frog employee to fix the situation. Kero Blaster is coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer!

Game Page:


Check out Kero Blaster on:
Playism / Steam / PS4

7. Croixleur Sigma

Wielding magic blades, four girls battle against successive waves of monsters in this exhilarating hack-and-slash action title, coming this summer to the Nintendo Switch.

Game Page:


Check out Croixleur Sigma on:
PS4 / PSVita