Playism Welcomes 2016!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Wow, 2015, huh? How about that guy? Glad we don’t have to talk to him anymore! The Year of the Sheep has finally gone to bed, and it couldn’t have come a moment sooner. What started out as a lamb really started to become a lion as we wound down through December, and everyone is ready for a good, fun change. That’s why we’re super excited to be in 2016: The Year of the Monkey!

As we returned to the office today, we got a good look at the New Year’s cards that were sent to us by the devs and other companies we work with. For those unfamiliar, Japan sends out New Year’s cards to friends, family and fellow workers to wish the best in good luck and success in the upcoming future. This is a practice that creates a level of precise insanity you couldn’t fathom. Some people will send out hundreds of cards just to make sure they don’t miss a single person, and some people will spend the entirety of December checking and re-checking lists to ensure that NO ONE is forgotten, lest there be a sense of being slighted. The postal system, keeping up with this atmosphere, will hold all New Year’s cards until January 1st, at which point they’ll deliver them en masse to your household or residence. This also means that, if you have a birthday somewhere around January 1st, your card will be delivered late because the postal system doesn’t want to chance bringing you a New Year’s card EARLY and ruining your good fortune.

We’ve got some amazing cards from everyone, and we want to share them with you here! Enjoy the pictures and buckle up: like the monkey, 2016 will be unconstrained, mischievous and absolutely berserk! Cheers!


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