PLAYISM Titles Up To 80% Off! Steam Lunar New Year Sale Now On! DEEEER Simulator is also on Launch Sale!

PLAYISM titles will be available at a maximum 80% in the Steam Lunar New Year Sale starting today january 24th.

Deeeer Simulator, currently garnering attention worldwide for its…viral potential, is also still currently on its launch sale at 10 off!

DEEEER Simulator, just your average everyday deer game.

A Slow Life Town Destruction game where you play as an extremely normal deer. Use your stretchy neck and grappling hook antlers to swing around or use your other run of the mill deer abilities to unlock your potential as just a standard deer.



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Bright Memory Early Access Version 30%OFF

Built in Unreal Engine 4 by solo developer FYQD Studio, FPS combined with some sword action creates a fast paced combat centric title. Smash your way through various enemies using a variety of skills and abilities to give yourself the advantage.


With support from Nvidia, Bright Memory now supports ray tracing as of the January 15th update. For those with RTX GPUs you can now enjoy Bright Memory in even better quality.

Pixel Game Maker MV 50%OFF

The latest title in the maker series, Pixel Game Maker MV, allows you to create action games without the need for programming. Create the game you always dreamed of creating even if you can’t code!
You never know, it could be the next big thing!

PGMMV was released last September and is now available at its biggest discount yet, 50% off.




Gensokyo Night Festival 20%OFF

Touhou project series game which quickly garnered popularity worldwide for its cute art direction, flashy visual effects and exciting combo action. Play as Ibuki Suika and rampage your way across Gensokyo.

© 上海アリス幻樂団 © tea_basira/Why so serious. Licensed to and published byWhy so serious?/ Active Gaming Media Inc.

Touhou Luna Nights 25%OFF

2D Metroidvania game by Team Ladybug which won the best overseas game award at Indie Play 2019. An absolutely classic Touhou Project Series.

© 上海アリス幻樂団  © Team Ladybug/Vaka Game Magazine . Licensed to and published by Why so serious?/ Active Gaming Media Inc.

Some of the titles are available at their biggest discounts since their release so do not miss your chance to add them to your library!

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