Playism Staff: They’re Just Like Us!

Another fantastic weekend has come and gone. Though a majority of us were not partying with fireworks and barbecues (turns out Japan doesn’t celebrate the U.S.’s Independence Day), there was still plenty of fun to be had by all members. Believe it or not, there are things we do outside of video games! We did a quick round table to find out what all of the Playism staff likes to do in their free time:


Meghan: I love music. Listening, playing, going to concerts, every aspect is my passion. If I’m not actively doing something with music, I’m writing. I try to get something written down everyday.


Dan: Not gonna lie, it’s video games. I play every chance I get.  I also love spending time with my family, but video games is sometimes a part of that too. When I take a break from gaming, I like to catch up on reading comics. Oh, and I’m seriously into 40K miniatures, so I can be found painting when I’m not doing any of those previous things.



Bryan: Movies! Usually terrible movies from Lifetime or maybe some mid-90s coming of age thing that I missed when I was younger. Otherwise, I also do video games in my freetime, with family either playing along or spectating. Also, trips to the aquarium and the zoo: I really like animals.


Nayan: Comics and video games. I hope to play more games in the future, but Heavensward is a huge deal for me right now, so I’m exploring all of that nightly.

Jon: Watching baseball games.  Nothing better than having a cold drink and watching the Chunichi Dragons!

Bart: Video games and reading. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from seeing everything in front of me and just let my brain create its own version of the story.

We all have a video game streak in us; it’d be pretty weird if there was someone on the team who didn’t like games. But it’s also nice to get outside of our favorite pastime/job and experience a different form of enjoyment to keep the overall experience fresh and interesting. Also, after spending a whole day away from the screen and immersed in something else, the new eyes gives a better perspective in cultivation, making sure that Playism continues to find the absolute best games to bring to the table.

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