Playism Spring Sale

It’s that time again! With PAX East over and GDC getting into gear, it’s time for the Playism Spring Sale! This year, we’re going to try something a little different. Each day of the sale, we’ll be putting two games on sale for 50% off, and offering clues to the identities of the two games for the next day. Don’t forget, each game will only go on sale for one day!

We won’t be revealing all the games in the sale immediately, but we will reveal more clues as the days go on. This year, the sale will be running from today until the 29th.

Today, the two games on sale are Fairy Bloom Freesia ($4.00), and I’m Gonna Be God of the Forest ($5.00).

And here are your clues for the two games in tomorrow’s sale:

Game #1: Shall we arm ourselves with missiles…
Game #2: …Or with carrots?

Check back tomorrow to find out what two games are going on sale, and to check our clues for Wednesday’s games!

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