Playism Spring Sale: Day 4

As the Game Developer’s Conference rolls on, so does our Spring Sale. With Day 4 comes a new 50% off sale, and of course, clues to which games will be going on sale tomorrow, the final day.

As evidenced by our rather easy clues yesterday, the two games on sale for today are heavy hitters on Playism:

But what about today’s clues? Well, tomorrow is the final day of the sale, so we want to go out with a bang. Here are the clues for which games are going on sale tomorrow:

Game #1: A shooter that truly that goes “above and beyond”
Game #2: Laugh, and the whole world laughs with you.

Yet again, I think my clues are rather easy, and it shouldn’t take long for some Playism fan to crack the code, but perhaps I’m just a little more clever than I give myself credit! Who knows?

Also, all of you Playism fans at GDC today, don’t forget to check out Takumi Naramura’s talk at 11:30 am: Commun-Indies: Making the Most of your Indie Community. Also, stay tuned to Playism TV, as Playism and Mr. Naramura are going to be doing a couple more interviews before GDC is over!

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