Playism Spotlight: Jamsouls

We have a great collection of games available on the Playism store front, not only with Japanese indies but also ones from other developers around the world! Let’s take a moment and observe one of our random titles from the shelves.




Are you tired of your XBox controller being in pristine condition? Does your wall not have enough holes in it from rage quits? Do your friends hate you, and not even secretly? Then I think it’s time we talk about JamSouls.


JamSouls is a diamond in the rough, and the diamond is actually so sharp it’ll cut you and you’ll bleed out right in the Zales lobby. Imagine this: the gods have sent down a box to Pandora, and if you can’t guess what she’s about to do next, try to stay awake in Greek Mythology class next time. The nine evils


inside then take the form of some creepy cute dolls that immediately lay claim to different parts of the world and change them according to their preferences. You, an avenging angel sent down by the gods to clean up the mess they arguably made, are also a creepy cute doll, but more cute since, you know, angel. Like any good divine bouncer, it’s up to you to beat the evils back into the box and make the world a better place for everyone.




JamSouls has two great strengths to it. The first is the challenge mode, which plays as described above. You have three rounds, where in the first two you deal with the minions of the evil you’re trying to capture. Round three brings the actual evil around, plus minions, and you need to stomp on his head three times. That’s how you deal with bad guys in this game: head stomping, a la unnamed plumber icon. The problem is, everyone can jump and if they stomp your head then poof, goodbye angel. You have four lives but those will disappear REALLY quickly if you’re not fast, precise and lucky. There’s no difficulty setting to change: it’ sink or swim, JamSouls style.


The second mode is the arena mode, where you can either fight three other friends or a couple friends and some bots. You have a limited amount of time to smash heads and keep your own head unsmushed, or compete to see who can do a hundred head smashings the fastest!




If any of this sounds like a good time, head on over and grab JamSouls today. It’s ridiculously hard, but it’s pretty satisfying to see your friends completely lose their mind over a ragdoll getting beat up with a can of beans.


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