Playism Rocks The Humble Weekly Bundle: Japan Edition All Stars!

So you wanna be a Humble Superstar? Let’s live large. A big bundle, five games, we’re in charge!
PLAYISM and Humble have had a great relationship. Humble showed up at our last birthday party, we picked them up on I-38 outside of Scranton when their car broke…we’re tight. And Humble has the exposure to get some of our games that the average gamer might not see front and center. Best of all, they see us as the centerpiece of Japanese Indie publishers, and that is a compliment of the highest caliber. PLAYISM loves to bring Japan to the West and to bring the West to Japan. It’s a great place to be, and Humble has always been in our corner.
Imagine, then, how ridiculously excited we are to be in their All-Stars: Japan Edition bundle? And not even once! There are FIVE amazing PLAYISM titles that are part of the lineup. With this level of diversity, there’s something for everyone, and each game is one of the classic PLAYISM hits. For fans of shooters, the cinematic Astebreed is included, along with the recent GDC China winner Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR. For players who want a quirkier, more thoughtful game, Unholy Heights, the premiere in demon land-lording, is also included! Looking for a rogue-like with a twist? The Smoking Wolf spectacular One Way Heroics serves as both a JRPG and a new challenge every time! Finally, one of my personal favorites, Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae, is back in the bundle scene. If you’ve never played, you’re missing out. It’s a crazy 3D brawler that incorporates swordplay, magic and Japanese schoolgirls.
mitsurugi kamui hikae
But let’s not pretend that we’re alone in this! Joining the bundle are two other fantastic Japanese games. We’ve got Vanguard Princess, which is an all girls 2D fighting game. Besides looking great and playing like a solid fighter, it also comes with all the DLC characters as well! That’s a fantastic deal for the PWYW tier. But that’s not all: we’re happy to be sharing the bundle space with Nihon Falcom’s Gurumin! An action/RPG with real-time combat, 3D graphics, multiple endings and, oh, it’s fully voiced. Does that sound amazing? Because it’s amazing.

As this is a weekly bundle, it will run for (surprise!) a week. If you want to get Astebreed, Revolver, Mitsurugi or Gurumin, you’ll have to beat the average, which is still crazy low for the value you’re getting. All of our titles are Steam keys with a DRM-free copy included, so play however you’d like! This bundle is also in support of the SpecialEffect and AbleGamers’ charities, but you can also choose a third charity via the Paypal Giving Fund. Feel good about helping a great cause while getting some great games! Everybody wins!Go ahead and grab the bundle through the widget below or head over to The Humble Weekly Page and buy today!

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