Playism Podcast – Murder On Wheels

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This week’s episode brings a different round table to the mic, as Nayan is off in California for Playstation Experience. Dan and Bryan are joined by Bart, who is our sound engineer and was more than happy to add his voice to the conversation. Besides a riveting discussion of Netflix’s new Marvel drama, Jessica Jones, we take a three fold look at the genre of Japanese 16-bit horror. First, there’s a talk about Yume Nikki, a psychological horror game that’s been on Playism for some time now and is available completely free. Secondly, we discuss Witch’s House, a semi-known indie game that Dan’s been getting frightened by. Lastly, Bryan talks Memento, an upcoming game on Playism that’s sure to both scare and enrapture the right crowd. It might be December, but there’s nothing more frightening than the J-Play podcast this week!

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