Playism Launches Interloper!

Interloper – $11.99

Looking for a real time puzzler? Interested in some alien warfare with a side of critical thinking? Playism is proud to present Interloper, the flagship title from indie developers Monogon Games.
With the intent of “intense real-time strategy game with matches that only take 5 minutes,” Interloper is a surreal and engaging battle of opposing teams made up of only two different types of units: Sentinels and Drones. The Sentinel’s job is to claim as much of the board as possible: swimming into a new region will change the water the color of your team. If you can successfully tag 75% of the board, you win. The Drone’s job is to take out other Drones and clear the path for the Sentinel.
At face value, this all seems pretty basic, but the simplicity is what drives the strategy. The Sentinels can “phase” to swim around and under obstacles that prevent their forward movement, but they can’t un-phase unless they’re in claimed waters (so if you’re blue and you phase out, you can’t un-phase in pink water). The Drones move faster, but will die if they stay in unfriendly waters for too long. And the Drones each only can hit each other once and cannot attack the Sentinel whatsoever.
Take the fast thinking of classics like Warcraft or Red Alert, mix in the board planning of chess or Catan, boil the whole thing down to a quick coffee break and you have Interloper. Build up your skill against the AI, then get ready to fight your friends in online multiplayer.
Who is ready to take control? Don’t just give up your space: crush the Interloper.

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