Playism Jumps Into The Autumn Steam Sale!

In the United States this week, people travel across the country in every direction to head home for Thanksgiving. Despite a dubious history, the holiday is one of the biggest catalysts for family together time, bringing people back to their childhood stomping grounds from around the globe. Maybe you’re off to play football after gorging yourself on a massive meal, maybe it’s time to watch your aunt get progressively drunker and more racist, or maybe you’re just getting into a better position to attack the massive Black Friday sales that’ll be coming up earlier and earlier each year.
If you’ve never experienced Black Friday, imagine a running of the bulls with more destruction and chaos, but also the incentive to get a 50 inch television for a hundred bucks. Maybe. We all hoped, deep down, the rise of digital storefronts would combat the madness, but that just made brick-and-mortar stores discount more aggressively. Which digital stores did in turn. This went back and forth for a while, and I’m pretty sure, come Friday, there are some stores that are just giving away products for free in front of a money bonfire. Probably a Krogers somewhere in Montana.
Steam, the biggest game storefront, is right up in it with a big ol’ Autumn sale, and every single one of our games that’s on Steam is discounted as well! Did you miss the GOCCO launch sale? It’s back at 25% off! D4 still on your wishlist? 50% off, only $7.49! Do you seriously not have One Way Heroics?! It’s $0.87, hurry up and grab it! All this and more is available, check out the full rundown!

And tons more! If you’ve got something on your wishlist, it’s probably on sale. Take your time; the flash sales aren’t happening this year, so what you see will be running the whole length of the sale. Still, you only have till December 1st, so sleep off your turkey hangover and get shopping!
Full PLAYISM Steam sale list

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