Playism is now hiring!

Playism is facing something of a “happy dilemma”… We’ve got so many great games, so much in store for the future, and a lot of things we want to try―but since we’re so busy pumping out all these awesome titles, we’re lacking in manpower. Therefore, Playism has decided to take on some new staff members. If you’re the sort of person who wants to contribute to the ever-growing indie scene, and if you’d like to try working at Playism, then contact us now!

What is Playism?

Active Gaming Media Inc. is a company based in the Honmachi neighborhood of Osaka, Japan, and Playism is the indie game distribution brand owned and operated by AGM. On top of having our very own PC game distribution platform, we also handle pretty much every aspect of game publishing―from releasing games to other platforms such as Steam, GOG, PlayStation, etc., to PR, marketing, localization, and more. Also, our CEO is originally from Spain, and just over half of our employees are from various overseas countries.

It’s difficult to give an exact definition of an “indie game”, but we mainly handle titles that are produced by a select few, feature a slightly different flavor than general AAA titles, and―most importantly―are fun. These are our basic criteria for taking on a game, and these requirements will never change. So the games we deal with aren’t all “dojin” games; they’re not all free-to-play games; they’re not all Western games… We pride ourselves on our extremely eclectic and varied list of titles, as well as on our culturally and nationally diverse team.



Available Positions


This position entails finding and bringing in titles, coming up with distribution plans and marketing strategies, contracting help from both inside and outside of the company, and basically taking responsibility for making a game succeed from start to finish. Of course it would be great if you have got previous experience working as a producer, but we’re also looking for applicants who are good with marketing and the brainstorming it involves and/or business-related math and accounting, and those who have previous experience managing successful products or projects, game-related or otherwise.


Release Manager

This position entails getting our titles properly released on our own Playism site, Steam, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, etc… all the various platforms with which we’re involved. Communication and progress management are crucial aspects of game publishing, meaning that without a good release manager, a game can end up being shelved indefinitely, making this an extremely important position.


Localization Manager

We’re looking for people who can not only localize games, but who can manage the localization of games as well. As with the release manager, we need someone who can handle progress management, and who can handle their duties smoothly, properly, quickly, and efficiently. This is also an extremely important position, as it ties directly to the fundamental quality of our titles to be released.



How to Apply

If you’re interested and think you’ve got what it takes, start off by sending us your resume and details of your work experience―as well as anything that can help concretely show any relevant experience you may have, if available―to the below address:

Active Gaming Media Inc. – Playism HR
Matsumoto Sangyo Bldg. 4F, Utsubo-Honmachi 1-12-6
Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan 550-0004

Or email us at:


Those who pass our applicant screening process will be contacted directly for an interview.



You will be working at the above address, in Osaka. Placement in our Tokyo office is also a possibility.


Application Conditions

We aren’t picky about where you went to school or what you studied, and experience isn’t absolutely necessary. However, applicants should be able to read and write English and Japanese, and those with business-level proficiency in one (or especially both) of these languages will receive the highest priority. We’re also not especially interested in your TOEIC or JLPT scores; as long as you’ve got the actual skills, then that’s what counts.


Other Important Information

We will absolutely protect your privacy and the safety of your personal information. Please consult regarding compensation. Basic health insurance, etc., will be covered. Please contact us by the end of the year (2017) at the latest. We don’t want anyone to have to deal with an awkward working environment, so a short trial period will be implemented upon decision to hire.


Well then, we’re hoping to meet some really clever and hardworking people, so if you feel you might be a good fit, please contact us ASAP!

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