Playism In 2016 – Vote Your Favorite Game!

2016 is coming to an end, and looking back, Playism has released a large variety of games and done a lot of different things! 

This year the English side of Playism released: 
  • 30 games on Playism
  • 17 games on Steam
  • 2 games on PlayStation
And we showed games at: 
  • PAX East
  • PAX West
  • Tokyo Game Show
  • BitSummit
  • Busan Indie Fest
  • PlayStation Experience
  • Digige 
  • and many more! 
We wanted to open up to all you dedicated Playism fans out there, to ask you what your favorite Playism-released game of 2016 is? So be sure to vote for your favorites below, and share with your friends! 
Voting Ends January 6th!

**caution, clicking vote will open a new page**

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