Playism Heading to PAX West!

Playism is hopping across the ocean yet again this year to join in the activities of PAX West.

This year, we are bringing 3 fantastic and highly anticipated Japanese indie games with us to showcase on our booth.

1bitHeart, Break Arts II and La-Mulana 2 will each have playable demos on the Playism booth, located at #6120 on the 6th floor of Washington State Convention Center.




A unique and endearing adventure game! Take on the role of Nanashi, a lonely, agoraphobic boy, as you solve a slew of mysteries around town while also making friends. The latest title from Alicemare and LiEat developer △○□× (Miwashiba).

About 1bitHeart

This is the story of a world in which pretty much everything is controlled and watched over by computer programs.One day, Nanashi―a young boy who has been cooped up in his room―meets a mysterious girl.
“Let’s make some friends.”
Nanashi accepts the young girl’s sudden invitation without giving it much thought.
At that very moment, some very strange things begin to occur in town…

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Break Arts II

Be artistic, be destructive. Popular racing smartphone app BREAK ARTS is making its way to PC! This version boasts further improved graphics and a whole new game system. PAX attendees will be able to check out the first demo available for this game.

About Break Arts II

Faster than anyone. Stronger than anyone. And more stunning.
Customize your robot for Cyber Battle Racing, in a game that offers the thrill of racing, battling and customization.
Online, Offline, Time-Attack… which mode will you play?

The biggest change since the previous game is the level of robot and weapon customization. Assemble your robot from multiple parts each with their own abilities, allowing for unlimited possibilities! There are also parts which unfold, come apart and revolve, so you can make your dream machine!
It’s time to create the most stunning robot for yourself. You’ll feel truly epic as you pilot it to victory.

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La-Mulana 2

Explore the dangerous ruins of Eg-Lana with Lumisa Kosugi in this thrilling sequel to the hit-title La-Mulana. Funded through Kickstarter, PAX attendees will be able to play the latest demo available.

About La-Mulana 2

It’s been 5 years since the origin of all civilization was unearthed by the brave archaeologist Lemeza Kosugi, deep within the halls of La-Mulana.
The ruins have since collapsed, but research into the cause has been inconclusive. The old entrance to the caves, however, has become a popular tourist destination.
The people of the village, long known as the protectors of the ruins and as the 7th child of “Mother”, the creator of all humanity, have been searching for a new meaning to their existence.
However, monsters have begun to appear around the old entrance to the caves. Perhaps Mother’s powers of creation were not all destroyed in the ruins’ collapse.
The village Chief reaches out to Lumeza’s archaeology society for help, but receives no response. He soon finds out that the archaeological society has come under fire from the public, as many hold them responsible for La-Mulana’s collapse.
Eg-Lana, known as the other side of the La-Mulana ruins, was once used as a penal colony by nearby settlers.
It is a place full of evil, malice, and hate…
Can Lumisa solve the mystery of Eg-Lana?

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PAX West Information:

Playism Booth:
6th floor of Washington State Convention, Booth #6120

September 1–4, 2017

Washington State Convention Center, 800 Convention Place, Seattle, WA, 98101, US



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