Playism At The Tokyo Game Show

September is a big month for many people. Maybe you’re going back to school. Maybe you’re starting a new job. Maybe it’s just finally cool enough to turn off the air conditioning and live like a human being again. Or maybe, like us, you’re getting ready for the biggest gaming event in Japan and simply cannot WAIT.

Yes, it feels like we just got back from PAX Prime a handful of days ago, and we’re still getting our bearing straightened. A podcast will be up soon to detail all of the amazing sights and sounds that were experienced, but already our gaze is on the horizon: back to Tokyo. In only a week, the gaming world will turn it’s eye to Japan to witness the Tokyo Game Show, a four day extravaganza where some of the biggest names will showcase and reveal their projects. From big companies like Sony and Square-Enix to smaller devs, everything is laid out on display. In stark contrast to the personal and homey space of BitSummit, TGS is almost overwhelming in size and scope, and the noise and lights can send you into sensory overdrive in seconds.

Having said that, I definitely recommend going if you’re able to. Besides the big-scale booths and displays, Tokyo Game Show is also where we get to participate in Indie Stream FES, which is just a great night for everyone involved. There’ll be a great chance for devs from around the world to catch up, swap stories, show off their work and generally enjoy the atmosphere. Last year was a fantastic time, and I’m stoked to say that Playism will be there again! We’ll see who gives a Lightning Talk of their work, which games will be in the Stream booth and, of course, reveal who the big winners will be of the Indie Stream Awards, which is voted on by other devs in attendance.

So be sure to keep an eye on Playism during Tokyo Game Show, September 17th-20th! We’ll be in attendance the whole time, and our Twitter will be constantly awash with amazing information and shots of everything there is to see. I’ll be trying to get a good write-up daily for the blog, and, if there’s anything you want shots of, be sure to let us know! We’re already keeping track of what people said over Twitter, and the comment section below ensures that we definitely see it!

Just another week! Hope to see some of you there!

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