Playism at PAX West, introducing La-Mulana 2 and Pixel Game Maker MV

We are super excited to announce that we will be at PAX West again this year, showcasing La-Mulana 2, an ultimate in metroidvania-style games, and Pixel Game Maker MV, an exciting and unique game-making software that hit the market recently.

The Playism booth will be located on the 6th floor, booth #6120 at PAX West.

La-Mulana 2

La-Mulana 2 is a sequel to La-Mulana, a hit release that sold over 500,000 copies. After four and a half long, arduous years the game kickstarted back in 2014 to the tune of $266,670 from 5,200 backers is finally complete. La-Mulana 2 may be a “Metroidvania” like other side-scrolling exploration series such as Castlevania and Metroid, but in a unique twist it has a strong emphasis on solving cunning puzzles through various cryptic hints.



It’s been five years since a lone archaeologist exposed the truth behind the La-Mulana ruins, said to have been the origin of all civilizations. The extensive collapse of the ruins hampered investigations into the aftermath didn’t stop the nearby villagers from turning the area ruins’ maw into a tourist spot.


The 7th Children who had guarded the ruins since ancient times were embarking on a new way of life when monsters began emerging from the ruins’ depths. The Mother that gave rise to these monsters had been completely neutralized, so how was this possible?


The village chief reached out to the father-son team that had investigated La-Mulana, but the pair was keeping a low-profile after having destroyed the ruins in the first place. Instead, Lumisa Kosugi, the archaeologist’s daughter answered the call.


The Eg-Lana ruins, a counterpart to La-Mulana that had long been used as a penal colony by civilizations cradled in the ruins, brims with “hostility”, “hatred”, and “rage”…


Does Lumisa truly stand a chance of solving the mysteries of the Eg-Lana ruins?


Come visit the game at PAX West at Booth #6120.


La-Mulana 2 is available now on Playism, Steam, Humble Store and GOG.



Pixel Game Maker MV

Pixel Game Maker MV is a type of game creation software that lets you easily create your very own original action games, without any sort of programming skills or specialized knowledge whatsoever. The action games you can create are limited only by your imagination.


The ability to use original materials and resources for character animations, background maps, sound, etc., allows you to create truly unique games.


We will be showing off both the editor and some sample games made in the engine to allow everyone to get some hands-on experience with the software where your only limit is your imagination.


We will also be introducing and announcing some very exciting news at PAX West for Pixel Game Maker MV, so swing by and catch up on the evolution of this engine.


Pixel Game Maker MV is available on Steam Early Access now!


Event Information

Playism Booth:
6th floor of Washington State Convention, Booth #6120

August 31 – September 3, 2018

Washington State Convention Center, 800 Convention Place, Seattle, WA, 98101, US




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