Playism At PAX West 2016

PAX West is just around the corner, and the Playism team is getting ready for a massive event!

We have such an amazing line up this year on the booth, that we are so excited to share it with you!
First off, this year, we are not in the Indie Megabooth! You can come and find us at booth #7116 on the 6th floor!
If you swing by, make sure you get some photos, and tag us @playismEN on twitter! We would love to see and share your pictures!

We have a lot going on this year at PAX West, so make sure you check all of this out (and add some dates to your calendar!)



This year, our booth is boasting a large number of fantastic titles!


The Silver Case

Possibly one of our most anticipated titles this year! The Silver Case will be on show at PAX West with a different demo that is currently available. This will be the first look at another part of the game for the public!
Please check the store page for more information.
See below for events!


Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight

The beloved fourth installment in the Momodora series, Reverie Under the Moonlight sets the scene for the previous games. We will have Momodora: RUtM on show on a PS4 on our booth. Yes, you read that correctly, PS4! This will be the first public look at Momodora on consoles, so be sure to come by and check it out!
Check out the Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight PC store page for more information.


Starr Mazer: DSP

Currently in Early Access, DSP is currently dominating shooter fan’s hearts. I’ve even read people calling this a “love letter” of a game, and I believe it! DSP and the developers (Imagos Softworks) will be with us all, ready to make this crazy and exciting game a blast for you all!
Check out DSP in Early Access now!



The spiritual successor to The Clock Tower series is back again! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, NightCry gives you a whole new reason to be afraid of Scissors. With the original creator of The Clock Tower and the director from the Grudge, you don’t want to miss this one.
Check out the store page.


Mad Father

Well loved, and more terrifying than I expected, Mad Father will be at our booth! Much like our previous work with LiEat, we will be helping the developer to bring Mad Father to Steam! Mad Father is more than what it appears, and definitely worth checking out.
Coming soon!


Branching Paths

Japan has an indie scene unlike the rest of the world, one that remains a bit of a mystery to a large number of people. Branching Paths is a documentary that takes a look behind Japanese Indie and explores the games, and the iconic people within it.
Check out the store page!
See below for Screening!




We are bringing a nice collection of events that you should all come and join in with!


Branching Paths Screening

We are showing Branching Paths on the big screen during PAX. Make sure you join us at the theatre for this exciting documentary, and take a look into the world of Japanese Indie.
■ Where: Northwest Film Forum. Located at 1515 12th Ave in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, on 12th Avenue between Pike & Pine Street. (Access Information:
■ When: Saturday 3rd September, 9:45pm
■ Price: $11 General Admission
■ Website (tickets):
(more information here)


SUDA51/The Silver Case Panel: Reviving The Past: On Preserving Past Works

SUDA51 and The Silver Case director, Douglas Watt will be on the PAX Panels to talk about the importance of recreating a past work. After 17 years, The Silver Case is currently getting a HD remaster and its first localization into English. But why now, and why is this important?
Be sure to come to the panel and find out!
■ Date and time: 9/2/2016, from 14:00 (PST)
■ Venue: Sasquatch Theatre
■ Topic: Reviving the Past: On Preserving Past Works
(more information here)


The Silver Case Party

We will be teaming up this year with Destructoid to hold a The Silver Case party! We will be boasting great music, great drinks and a talk with SUDA51! This is a must-attend for SUDA51 fans, Playism fans… ALL FANS!
SUDA51 will be taking fan-submitted questions via Destructoid to answer on stage during the event, so be sure to check out Destructoid for that (submit questions here).
Then we will be spinning some remixes of The Silver Case original OST by DJ Grimecraft, a great crowd favourite.
If you didn’t get a chance to check out The Silver Case on the Playism booth, we will be bringing some copies of the games with us to the party, so be sure to give it a spin.
Make sure you turn up early, as we will be giving away Limited Edition The Silver Case stickers with a free download of Akira Yamaoka’s remix of the game’s opening track.
■ Venue: Barboza (925 E. Pike St. Seattle, WA 9812)
■ Date and time: 9/4/2016, from 21:00 (PST)
■ Attendance fee: Free

That was a lot to take in, but we hope that you bookmark this page and come to all the exciting events!

See you all at PAX West!!

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