Playism At BitSummit 7 Spirits!

We are super excited to announce that we are bringing a huge collection of indie gems to BitSummit this year!

We are showing off “Necrobarista”, “Orangeblood”, “Everything”, “Outrider Mako” and “Pixel Game Maker MV” at booth IP-23 and for each person who plays a demo, key-chains, stickers etc are available! So be sure to pay Playism a visit!



This is a story about death and coffee.

Gamble your “time” for a chance to stay in “this world”. Through a strange mix of alchemy and dead spirits, various people continue to visit this unique coffee shop. A fantastical story between the “living”, the “dead” and their last drink.

Playism Page (Japanese) / Steam, Playism / 3D Visual Novel / Aug 8, 2019



The long-awaited Japanese translation of Everything.

You are now, whoever, whatever, no matter where you are. You who observes, are at the center of the world.

This is that sort of game.

Playism Page (Japanese) / Switch, PS4, Steam, Playism / Simulation / Autumn 2019



Welcome to New Koza – an island where dirty money and bullets fly.

It’s the end of the 20th century, on a historic timeline different from that which we know. A manmade island off the coast of Okinawa is humming with a dirty, exotic vibe – and it’s awesome! Rust and faded concrete glisten in the morning sun and the late-night neon, showing off the various faces of the island.

Playism Page / Steam, Playism / RPG / Summer-Autumn 2019


Outrider Mako

Jump into battle, solve mysteries as you traverse the world of Mayoi – the world of gods!

In accordance with a deal made with self-proclaimed “delivery service” and all-around mysterious entity known as Bumon, Mako has taken a job working as a lackey at the Bumon Delivery Corporation in “Mayoi” – the world of the gods.

Playism Page / Steam, Playism / Action / 2020


Pixel Game Maker MV

Create the game of your dreams.

Pixel Game Maker MV allows you to build up your own action game with no programming knowledge necessary. This engine was designed with the idea of giving a voice to people’s passions, allowing them to freely express the game that they have held in their hearts.

Steam Page / Steam / Game Engine / Available in Early Access


Games made in Pixel Game Maker MV:


In order to stop the ambition of Dr. Salmon’s Evil Robo Corps, all-round Robo girls, KUMACURE, fight with marshmallows of justice as weapons.

Steel Sword Story Steam Page

An action game filled with swords and magic! Steel Sword Story is a 1 player wonder. Identify your enemy’s weakness and strike them down.


Winners of the REMIX Game Jam:

Explorer Thief by Kyle Hex Hunter by Name User


BitSummit 7 Spirits

Playism Booth: IP-23
Date / Time: June 1–2, 2019  10:00 – 17:00
Location: Miyako Messe 3rd Exhibition Hall, 3rd Floor
Kyoto Industrial Promotion Center Corp
9-1 Okazaki Seishōjichō, Sakyō-ku, Kyoto, 606-8343



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