Pixel Game Maker MV REMIX Game Jam – Winners!

After hosting the REMIX Game Jam and hosting community voting for the 3 finalists, we are excited to announce our two winners!

We want to take this moment to thank everyone for their efforts for joining in the week long Game Jam, and for submitting a great variety of games. We enjoyed playing through all your games, and it was a difficult choice to select the finalists. We hope that you will all continue to support Pixel Game Maker MV, and continue to take part in our future activities.

After allowing the community to choose one of the winners through community voting from the three finalists, the staff behind Pixel Game Maker MV got to choose the second winner. As promised, the two winners for our REMIX Game Jam will have their titles shown on the Pixel Game Maker MV booth at “BitSummit 7 Spirits”, scheduled to be held in June 2019.


And the winners are….


Community Choice

Pixel Game Maker MV Staff Choice

Hex Hunter by Name User Explorer Thief by Kyle
PGMMV Staff Comment: PGMMV Staff Comment:
The community’s voice was overwhelming: Hex Hunter is your favorite! A twin-stick game with some intriguing concepts, we hope to see it finished some day! Based on the Explorer sample assets, we were quite pleased to see a stealth mechanic implemented in Pixel Game Maker MV! We hope that this project also gets continued!
Download (.zip) Download (.zip)

We will be reaching out to the two winners via email shortly.


Thank you again to everyone for submitting, and we look forward to more amazing games that you build in Pixel Game Maker MV!



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