Pixel Game Maker MV REMIX Game Jam – Community Voting

Last month, we kicked off our first Pixel Game Maker MV Game Jam, and we got some really exciting entries.

After we have gone through and played all of the entries, we would like to open the best three titles up to community voting!

Below you will find the game intro, control instructions and a link to where you can download them. Check them all out, and share your opinions in the polls below. Feel free to also share your feedback in the comment section!


Game Submissions


Explorer Thief Hex Hunter Dancing Game
XBOX Controller:
A – Jump / Wall Jump
Left – Move Left
Right – Move Right
(Controller Only)
L2/LT = Dodge
Circle/X = Melee
R1/RB = Shoot
Left Thumbstick = Move
Right Thumbstick = Aim
(Controller Only)
Arrow Keys
(Keyboard Only)
Avoid the guards while maneuvering the platforming sections of the game
with your jumping and wall jumping. Being seen fills up your visibility meter.
full meter = death
touching guard = death
My project is a short and challenging top down twin-stick shooter with a fantasy aesthetic. My goal for the project was to make a game with tight and snappy controls. Using the Arrow Keys, when a robot crosses over the matching Arrow, the robot will be defeated. If a robot is missed it will hurt the player.
Being hurt 8 damage results in a Game Over.Surviving for roughly 1 minute, 30 seconds results in a Win.
Download (.zip) Download (.zip) Download (.zip)


Community Voting

Vote for your favourite game from the Game Jam below! Voting ends April 22nd.

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Which REMIX Game Jam Submission was your favourite?



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