Pixel Game Maker MV out now in Early Access!

Pixel Game Maker MV is out now in Early Access on Steam! Grab it now during it’s launch sale for 20% off.


Pixel Game Maker MV is a type of game creation software that lets you easily create your very own original action games, without any sort of programming skills or specialized knowledge whatsoever. The action games you can create are limited only by your imagination.

The ability to use original materials and resources for character animations, background maps, sound, etc., allows you to create truly unique games.

In order to provide users with the best Pixel Game Maker MV possible, we have released it to Early Access* as of July 24th for the purpose of receiving valuable feedback and opinions from the community and implementing said feedback as we build the game to completion.

Also, in an effort to reach as many users and receive as much feedback as possible, we are holding a sale for the first week of Early Access, during which you can pick up the title for a further 20% off of the special Early Access price of $84.99 – for only $67.99.


*Early Access version                      

We plan to add further features and additions, as well as fix bugs, based on our users’ feedback. Once the full version has been released, Early Access users will be able to upgrade to the full version for free, and will also be able to carry over their Early Access version data.


RPG Maker MV & RPG Maker Fes RPG Character Data and More Available Free of Charge!

This software includes a sample project which uses character resources from the PC title RPG Maker MV and the Nintendo 3DS title RPG Maker Fes.
Also included are RPG Maker Fes map resources, which can be used to create top-down view action games.
Enjoy creating not only side-scrollers, but your very own original top-down view action games, too!

96 RPG Maker MV characters (Char. size: 48×48 pixels)


496 RPG Maker Fes characters (Incl. 4 color variations) (Char. size: 24×32 pixels)


RPG Maker Fes Map Chip



  • Create games with absolutely no programming necessary!
  • Supports up to four-person multiplayer. Enjoy both battle and cooperative play alike!
  • Easily create games using physics!
  • Allows for rich and vibrant graphics!



Learn about the tools in Pixel Game Maker MV.

Check out Pixel Game Maker MV on Steam now. 


Official Website: https://tkool.jp/act
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/PixelGameMaker
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PixelGameMaker/

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