Pewdiepie Plays D4. Weirdness Ensues


There is nothing better than seeing someone enjoying themselves. A musician thrills at seeing the positive energy rollicking through a crowd during their concert. An artist will smile abashedly as critics murmur praise for their sculpture or painting. And even an amateur chef will beam with pride while friends, family and acquaintances devour their latest culinary concoction.


As game publishers, it’s no different when we see people lock on and have a great time with the games that we’ve distributed. We love getting emails from fans who’ve had a blast with La-Mulana, Kero Blaster or Astebreed. We especially have enjoyed seeing all the positive reactions to D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. The Steam forums have always been lively with people commentating on the game, expounding their own theories about who D is and what the game is all about. Reviews have been positive, and the fan turnout at BitSummit was incredible. There’s a great story inside D4, and it’s a joy to see more and more people experience it.


Imagine our utter delight, then, when PewDiePie decided to take a flying leap into the world of David Young and his quest to find Little Peggy’s killer. PewDiePie has an incredible voice in the gaming world, being able to objectively analyze a game while still being hilarious and engaging. It’s not surprising that his channel is the most subscribed on all of YouTube, and having him take a spin in the D4 chair is just the best kind of praise we could want. Best of all: he likes it! He really likes it!


If you haven’t seen his Let’s Play yet, part one is up on his YouTube channel now. If you’ve played the game before, you might go a little crazy seeing where he stopped playing, but I think we all hope that, with his enthusiasm and delight with Swery’s world, that PewDiePie will be putting up part two very, very soon. Cheers!

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