PAX Prime Day Two: Like Life, But With Blocks!

Day two of PAX Prime was a completely different beast than day one. The best way I can describe it is when you have a three course meal after eating instant noodles for weeks. You finish the appetizer and think “Woo, I’m stuffed!” But then the massive steak with mashed potatoes and green beans looms into view and you realize just how unprepared you truly are. My God, I’m hungry.
The number of gamers, fans and general awesome people has been intense in only the best ways, and it’s thrilling to hear and see the reactions from everyone. Naturally the hype for La-Mulana 2 has been palpable enough to spread on toast and eat it  (seriously, I need breakfast), but it’s also been great seeing everyone get a taste of D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. This game has been one of our biggest sources of joy in Japan, and I think we sometimes forget that not everyone has had a real chance to see and experience David Young’s intense journey to find Little Peggy’s murderer. PAX re-affirmed that people love the game, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all.

Thankfully, we did get a few moments to breathe today, and Playism’s own Dan Stern went on a photo safari for us, bringing back great pictures from around the yard (if you saw our Dark Souls III tweet, that was from Dan as well). He was able to go see our good friend and compatriot Christine Love promoting her brand (Love Conquers All) along with her new game, Ladykiller in a Bind. We took a look at a truly unique game, Butt-Sniffing Pugs, which is as self-explanatory as you can imagine. The ever-affable Trent Kusters was there along with the other devs of Armello (an amazing and addictive game, check it out!). And, of course, Telltale Games’ overwhelming setup to promote the upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode. Enjoy the gallery!
But now we’ve reached the halfway point! The amazement continues on full steam through Sunday and into Monday, and you better believe that Playism, NIGORO and all the hard-working, hard-playing folk at PAX are strapped in and ready for the full ride! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find a bagel and some eggs before I eat this keyboard.

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