PAX Prime Day Three & Four: So Many People!

The last two days have been a blur of activity, as we’ve been absolutely neck-deep in awesomesauce as far as the eye can see! Folk from all walks of life have come by our booths to see La-Mulana 2 and D4 for themselves, and it’s been a menagerie of wonderful and super friendly people. PAX draws in some of the best of the gaming community, be it developers, designers or even cosplayers, and, of course, gamers of all levels.
One great part that we noticed was the super upbeat vibe exchanged between people at every juncture. Whenever someone was done playing a game, there was often someone asking “how was it?” and genuinely wanting to know if the experience was as good as it looked. This sparked tons of conversations and discussions, usually about all the games going on throughout the convention. It was like a gaming social chain reaction: you couldn’t help but want to share your other plays and listen eagerly to what someone else saw, especially if you hadn’t been there yet. That’s really the best kind of hype: seeing someone react, before your eyes, to what they’ve just done.  It’s what makes PAX and all other gaming gatherings truly great.
Before we present our official “end of PAX” writeup, we just wanted to share a handful of photos of some of the great people who’ve stopped by our booth in the last few days. Again, big thanks to our part time workers @sephi_loli and @fawfulmark2 for taking all these pictures and working themselves ragged as well. We salute you!
Stay tuned: one last PAX write-up is on the horizon!

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