PAX Prime Day One: Woo!

The first day of PAX Prime has come and gone, and what a crazy day it was! The sheer number of people in attendance was astounding, and I’m really glad that we packed several bags of fans! The outpouring of guests to come and visit us is really humbling, thanks so much everyone. I know there’s a ton of really cool stuff to see, and it’s super appreciated that you’ve folded PLAYISM, NIGORO and Access Games into your itinerary.

If you stopped by our D4 booth at some point early on in the day, you may have noticed a distinct lack of being able to play D4 due to a power outage temporarily taking us offline and taking the password with it. Good news: we’ve gotten everything worked out and we’ll be back on track tomorrow! If you were really hoping to see D4 in all it’s glory, come on by Saturday!
This next day of scheduling is full of incredible stuff, from a Final Fantasy XIV panel at noon, the ever-important Katamari leg of the Omegathon at 1, and, my personal favorite, Igarashi-san (you know, from Bloodstained?) is doing a Panel/Q&A/ at 6, followed by some autograph signings afterwards! If you can tear yourself away from the amazingness of PLAYISM’s Indie Megabooth, definitely go and check that out!
A big thanks to @sephi_loli and NIGORO’s @naramura for getting some great photos, which we will display now:
Please note that we are not planning to localize anything with tsundere sharks at the current time, but, as a counterpoint, nothing should be ruled out just yet. Also, this was simply an amazing cosplay.
More news, photos and good times ahead at PAX Prime: Day Two!

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