Pamali: The Tied Corpse is Coming May 14th

The first DLC for Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror is coming May 14th to Steam!
Continuing with the belief that horror should not be always about big, catastrophic tragedy and can be done just as effectively when set close to everyday life, Pamali incorporates authentic Indonesian day-to-day activities, cultural phenomena, myths, and taboos which shape the horror itself. The game also gives the players opportunity to define their own game experience based on the choices they make during gameplay.
After the release and success of the first story, The White Lady, The Tied Corpse changes the scene to an authentic Indonesian cemetery where unique cultural elements and taboos shape the course of the game, leading the player to further chilling and nerve-wrecking endings.



What is Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror – The Tied Corpse about?

A new gravekeeper, Cecep, suddenly given the responsibility to take care of a certain burial, despite being a first-timer. However, during the burial, Cecep is left to make a key decision which would decide his fate. Should he choose the wrong one, something will await him. While he continues his job, the night turns dreadful; desperate wails and cries for help echo from the graveyard. Along the way, Cecep should learn what he did wrong and pay for this mistake.
Explore the vast setting of an authentic Indonesian local cemetery with a spine-chilling atmosphere. Look deeper as you learn about what you should and shouldn’t do in the cemetery. Be careful not to make a mistake when you do something that is outside of your expectation.
The decisions you make in the game will lead you to different routes and endings. As you play the game, you can choose to run away from the very beginning or continue the game with various conditions to end the game. You can choose to be a responsible man, be a coward, or rude towards your surroundings. In the second folklore, you’ll also be able to choose the journey you want to take. Just imagine, if you were in that situation, what would you do?

Check it out now:
Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror Base Game
The Tied Corpose – DLC

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