Our Picks From Bitsummit 2015!

We’re winding down our post BitSummit coverage! After a frantic weekend of social media blitzing, amazing meetings with developers and just being absolutely drained, we’re finally at a point where recovery is nearly complete. There was plenty of lemon tea and lozenges to go around, and only now are voices back at 90%. Still, in all the flurry and brouhaha, we forgot to answer one important question: what was your favorite game at BitSummit?


Yes, it’s a terribly difficult question to posit. It’s like asking which flavor of Ben & Jerry’s you like best: you don’t want to alienate any one taste just because it’s not on your tongue right this second. Still, we shouldered this Herculean
task and came away with the following answers:


Meghan – Never Alone! Sooooo pretty!



Bryan – Pixel Pirate! I love the movement! Oh, and Back in 1995, awesomely creepy.





Mike – Mighty No. 9



As you may have noticed, there’s a full mix of Japanese and Western games that caught our appreciation and attention. The unity of BitSummit – bringing together devs and creators from all walks of life – is really the heart and soul of the entire event. Yes, we look forward to BitSummit primarily as a stomping ground for Japan’s own unique brand of gaming, but it really is an open environment for everyone. I saw children and even babies brought in, so they could experience gaming from a child perspective and, thus, really see what the future could hold.


This is by no means the ONLY games that we enjoyed, but that particular list could fill several blog posts and is basically a re-post of the entire BitSummit roster. If you get a chance, take a look at the complete BitSummit games list from this past year. What would you have played? What do you wish someone had brought? After all, it’s the voices of the fans and the gamers at large that will help shape the next iteration of great gaming expositions.

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