One Way Heroics Plus: Steam Release And A Twitter Giveaway!

EDIT: The original is now on massive sale! You can get One Way Heroics for only $0.50! That’s cheaper than a soda from the vending machine!

Once again, venture forward into unknown dangers with no option to turn back.


One Way Heroics has always been a fantastic experience, and we’re incredibly proud to have been the ones to bring it to the west. Smoking Wolf’s unique take on an action RPG has enthralled and captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of people. The combination of customization, time-pressure and a truly re-playable nature has created a massive fanbase, one who’s supportive of new and old contestants alike, and have even created a pretty impressive Wiki page.



For the last few months, Playism has also been the sole host of the upgraded expansion, One Way Heroics Plus. OWH+ has been a standalone game that takes everything that was great about OWH and dials it up to an incredible new level. Besides all the new NPCs and items, OWH+ boasts the idea of Dimensional Gold Coins, a new currency that carries between plays and creates new story arcs, quests and even gameplay mechanics. And did we mention the new character classes?


Force Knight. For people familiar with the Force Users, you know this is a solid class UNTIL an enemy gets a little too close. Haven’t you always wished “Man, I wish I could deliver a proper melee beatdown?” Force Knight has you covered!


Ninja. As you can imagine, the ninja is a mysterious class with high agility and the ability to suddenly unleash massive DPS, but with a caveat: it’ll drain your life, and fast if you’re not careful. Then again, c’mon, ninjas!


Tourist. This is a great class that has terrible stats and functions as well as you might imagine. If you’ve ever played NetHack and tried to finish the game as a tourist, you know the agony. Still, this class is carrying a travel journal to document all the amazing things they see on their “vacation.” Successful completion MAY lead you to a very special ending. Maybe.


This is only the tip of the iceberg. This update is absolutely massive, and people who have been enjoying the DRM free version on Playism will attest that it is the definitive version of the game. Now, finally, we are jumping from the Playism storefront to Steam to let even MORE people get in on the enhanced experience! It’ll exist as a DLC to the current One Way Heroics, so this is perfect for people who already have the base game and are ready for the next step. Owners of One Way Heroics Plus on Playism will find their Steam key ready and waiting in their inventory, prepared to go upgrade the base game to a whole new world.


If you were waiting to get Plus when it hit Steam, now is the perfect chance. Not only is it for sale, but we’re giving away ten copies of One Way Heroics Plus on Steam! You still need the base game in order to activate the key, but that shouldn’t be a problem for most of you.


How do you win? Just go ahead and retweet out this contest tweet! And make sure you’re following Playism (@PlayismEN) and Smoking Wolf (@WO_LF).

The contest runs from now until August 23rd, so you only have a week to get in on the fun! We’ll announce the winners via blogpost, so check back on the site come the 24th!

Good luck and happy hunting!

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