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If there’s one thing Playism knows, it’s good shooters. For years, you’ve trusted us to hand you some of the best in Japanese doujin shooters, and I think we’ve done a pretty good job delivering. Astebreed, Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR, and the Touhou shooter Double Dealing Character shows that we have a fairly discerning eye when it comes to shmups. Now, we’re incredibly excited to bring the next great bullet hell to Playstation 4: Prismatic Solid.

Prismatic Solid is a gorgeous visual overload of sights and colors that wraps nicely over an incredibly punishing bullet hell game. You control a single ship that is orbited by three powerful satellites that may serve as your “get out of jail” card should the pressure build too high. Out the gate, you have six different types of weapons to rotate through, each one showcasing strengths and weaknesses, and all are needed to survive the stages. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to guess the right weapon before the enemy even comes onto the screen.  If you’re not…well, at least death will come quickly.

prismatic solid

Prismatic Solid is a full-on arcade shooter, and you’ll feel like you’re feeding coins directly into your PS4 at the rate that you’re trying to stay alive. I love the frantic and non-stop onslaught, and the rate at which I need to recharge my satellites to carve a hole in the bullet-storm is nothing short of a frenzy. Seriously, it’s somewhere between “immersive” and “hurl your controller.” Sadly, wireless controllers make this a much bigger problem than they were before. Sigh.

Not only are we proudly announcing Prismatic Solid’s release here on Playism, but our own Nayan Ramachandran got to write about it on the Playstation blog!

Are you excited? You should be! Prismatic Solid will launch at $9.99 USD in the U.S. with the European release coming very very soon! Be sure to grab and share plenty of amazing maneuvers or teeth-gnashingly frustrations, because we all want to see how much people are enjoying this game! Good luck, and mind the bullets!

Prismatic Solid – North America

Prismatic Solid – Europe

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