Nigoro’s “Future Development Company” Is Out Now! And It’s Free!

NIGORO has long been known for their Flash games, as evidenced by our recent blog post, but there are still some out there who know them best for La-Mulana. With La-Mulana  less than a week away from releasing on Steam, and not content to rest on their laurels, NIGORO has delivered yet another Flash game for the game-loving masses. It’s name? Future Development Company.

Back during our Kings of Flash post, we posted a piece of art teasing an upcoming NIGORO project. Taking another gander at that art will perhaps give some clue as to what Future Development Company has in store for you.

Future Development Company is a departure for NIGORO, and an unexpected game if you’re used to their more arcade-heavy hits like Rose & Camelia or Mekuri Master. The game mixes elements of the Real Time Strategy genre with a sprinkling of Tower Defense and puzzle solving. When players begin the game, they’re offered a choice of four different stages, each with a different objective. Objectives vary quite a bit, from researching rocket technology to launch a Buddha statue into a space, to excavating alien ruins.

Players then place different types of buildings onto the grid-like map, like factories to generate revenue, and laboratories to research new tech to complete the map’s objectives. Energy plants need to be built to supply electricity to buildings, and personnel file into buildings to start work.



While all this peaceful building takes place, vicious aliens are bound to attack. Players can click on UFOs rapidly to destroy them, but the more efficient industrialist will build gun batteries near their most precious buildings. Batteries tend to deal with most threats far quicker than the brute force method, and are rather inexpensive to build and maintain.

For those waiting for their Steam copies of La-Mulana to unlock, Future Development Company is the perfect diversion, and a great look into what NIGORO is capable of on a smaller scale. It’s also a fantastic showcase of how even the smallest games can be overflowing with personality and charm.

Future Development Company can be played in English right here.

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