New Trailers For Unholy Heights And One-Way Heroics

For weeks now, we’ve been talking about our upcoming games on Facebook, Twitter and even on Playism, but without a trailer. We’ve showed Japanese trailers in the past, but today we finally have English trailers for two of our upcoming games: Unholy Heights, and One Way Heroics.

Fans might know Unholy Heights better by its original Japanese name, Maison de Maou, the game that mixes apartment management sim and tower defense. One Way Heroics, meanwhile, fans might know better by its Japanese name, Katamichi Brave (片道勇者), the new RPG by Wolf RPG Editor creator Smoking Wolf. While we may not have release dates just yet for these two upcoming titles, we do have brand new English trailers for both!

NOTE: Some of the footage used is outdated, and doesn’t reflect the current state of the game’s localization.

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