New Trailer & Demo For The Silver Case

The Silver Case’s anticipated release is this week, and just before launch, we have updated a few things.
Firstly, a brand new trailer for The Silver Case:

This brand new trailer features the new opening movie created for the HD Remaster version, as well as also including the remixed opening track that Akira Yamaoka created for the game.

We have also updated the demo for The Silver Case.
The demo now consists of the prologue scenario “#0 Lunatics” which was shown at Tokyo Game Show 2016.

Players who created save data in the demo version will be able to continue using their saved data with the full game from October 7th.
* Please note that the demo version represents a work in development and there may be differences with the product version.


■ New System Features

  • Language selection
  • Full screen/window mode switching
  • Changes to the resolution
  • Changes to the 3D quality
  • Improved sound and music


■ Choose Between Settings For The Original Version And The HD Remaster Version

It is also possible to toggle a number of elements between the format of the original game and the new HD Remaster version.

  • Movement speed
  • Text speed
  • Music
  • CG movies
  • Opening movie
  • UI
Its nearly time for Kamui to awaken.

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