New Scenarios Available in Lost Technology

The recent update of Lost Technology adds three new scenarios to the game, drastically expanding the gameplay.

From today onwards, you can play the following scenarios:

  • Free Mode
  • Random Scenario
  • Dungeon Master

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Free Mode

Simple Simulation Game

  • Same time frame as the main story.
  • Even if your main base falls, the game will continue.
  • Special defense units will appear when attacking castles.
  • There are no story events.



Random Scenario

A scenario with a random position and faction.

  • Choose the position of the controlled unit.
  • Set the number of factions.
  • Set the unit’s starting level.
  • Set the unit’s training level.
  • Decide if this unit is a defense unit or not.
  • There will be no story events.


Dungeon Master

Clear dungeons in this hack-and-slash-type scenario.

  • The dungeons are located in the Snow Plains of Nilus. Use “Find” to access.
  • After clearing a floor, a random unit will be added to the group.
  • Enemies defeated while wandering through the dungeon have a set chance of dropping items.
  • Every 10 floors, a boss will appear.
  • There are no story events.

Level up your squad and aim to clear all 100 floors!


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