Neo Aquarium Sets Sail On Steam!


Neo Aquarium – $8.99


It’s time for the aquatic arena to re-open!

For many of you, Neo Aquarium was the answer to your prayers. What happens when crustaceans evolve to develop lasers and vengeance? The answer is an underwater brawler that is somewhere between hilarious and a masterpiece. I’ve spent enough time in the game to know that you have to be patient, aware and ready to think outside the box in order to achieve victory. Unless you choose barnacles as your character. Then disregard everything, as barnacles are OP and any strategy will work.
But there was still something missing. You wanted to show everyone the amazement of Neo Aquarium in an easy-to-access way. If there happened to be trading cards and shiny bivalvian badges as well, then all the better!
Now you can keep your successes and failures a matter of public record with your friends; Neo Aquarium is on Steam! With Steam, you can easily put up screenshots of your craziest battles, match up against your friends with ease and even rack up awesome and mysterious achievements. And yes, with eight unique trading cards available, the collector in you can indulge in the best of oceanic swapping.
This is a great step forward for everyone involved. Steam has become the centerpiece for many people’s gaming collection, and, thanks to the rise of the PC Gamer, it’s their sole location for all games, both Steam locked and gotten otherwise. Now Neo Aquarium can reach a whole new audience and you have the chance to get your fight on in the briny deep.


If you want to continue to remain unplugged from Steam, don’t worry: your DRM copy from Playism is still right there in your library, waiting to be fired up for a round or three of crab-on-lobster mayhem. But if you want to go online, then grab your key and get to the Steam Aquarium!
For first-time players, Neo Aquarium is 10% off for the next week, so there’s never been a better time to become part of the melee!

Get Neo Aquarium on Playism / Steam

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