Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight

As The Darkness Grows, The Autumn Leaves Shall Change…And Fall.

Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight ($9.99)

If you’ve never heard of Momodora, you may not be aware of one of the best retro-inspired action platformers on Steam. Born from the mind of Bombservice, these games have been steadily increasing in quality over the past three iterations, with the most recent, Momodora III, capturing the praise and hearts of folk across Steam for its tight controls, excellent graphics and surprisingly dark storyline. Despite being a complete package, the game left fans hungry for more, pleading for a sequel. Their prayers have been answered, and in a huge way.


Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, is the fourth installment in the series and, like the previous entries, require no previous play to enjoy. Rather than be a sequel, RutM (as it’s stylized) acts as a prequel, taking place roughly 400 years prior to Momodora III. Now in the shoes of the priestess Kaho, your quest is to find the source of the evil that is slowly corrupting the land and its people. The word whispered on the wind is the Queen may have answers, though it’s unclear if her Highness is carrying the cure…or the source of the plague.


Right out the gate, the first thing people will notice is the huge leap forward in graphics. RutM takes pixel graphics into a distinctly high art direction, creating crisp, clean sprites that tower over those from previous games. The fluidity when Kaho moves, jumps and strikes is absolutely impressive: rdein (head of Bombservice) has put blood and soul into making this the definitive Momodora game. Moving at 60fps, there is nothing “retro” about RutM: this game takes everything that was beloved about Momodora III and cranks it straight up to 11.


Not to mention the actual length of the game has increased exponentially. If Momodora III got you about 2-3 hours, RutM will nearly triple that, with massive areas to explore, open ended pathways to take and any number of directions to travel on your quest. Whether you end up in the cathedral, the gardens, underwater or deep underground, your journey into Momodora will take you places you’ve never been before.


Playism is excited and honored to be publishing this incredibly polished and engaging title, and we will be bringing it globally across all storefronts: Playism, Steam, GOG and even Humble! There will be more news coming soon, so be sure to stay tuned to our blog posts, follow us on Twitter (and follow Bombservice as well!) and find out more as we rocket towards the inevitable release!


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