Misao: Definitive Edition Out Now

As we had previously announced, Misao: Definitive Edition is out now on Playism and Steam!



Misao is a horror-adventure game created by Sen, the developer of the well-loved Mad Father. In Misao you much search for your missing classmate in order to escape the mysterious curse that has befallen the school.



  • New and improved graphics.
  • Improved puzzles.
  • Extra event scenes.
  • A terrifying and well put together story.
  • A variety of characters to meet and interact with.
  • A choice of a female or male protagonist.


Comment from Sen (Developer)

I created Misao as a project to learn how to develop games, but I put a lot of work into it and had been meaning to give it a remake for a long time.
For the remake, the graphics and the puzzle system have been vamped up.
I hope people who played the original version would enjoy playing this new definitive edition of Misao too!


Check out Misao: Definitive Edition out now on Playism and Steam!

How many times will you die?

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