Misao: Definitive Edition Coming Soon

Her name is Misao. She was a classmate. Quiet, reclusive and bullied.
Then she disappeared…

From the same developer as Mad Father comes Misao: Definitive Edition. After getting a remake, the title will be releasing October 25th on Steam and Playism!



Misao is a horror-adventure game in which you search for a young girl who has disappeared in a cursed school.

This new upgraded version of “Misao” features improved graphics and additional content.



Just three months ago, a young girl went missing.
Her name is Misao. She was a classmate of the player’s character.
Quiet and reclusive, this plain girl was often the target of bullies.

Since the day she disappeared, rumors spread throughout the school of unnatural phenomena.
The children called it “Misao’s curse”…



Misao: Definitive Edition will be coming to Steam and Playism on October 25th, just in time for halloween!

Add it to your wishlist now on Steam and Playism!


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