Mini Metro Gets Swedish

Good news, everyone! Mini Metro has just received a patch that brings a little something for everybody to the table.

First and foremost, a Swedish translation of the game has now been made available. The game that’s already available in a ton of languages just opened its gates to a brand new group! Alla ombord!

Secondly, there have been a good number of bugs being squashed in this update. If you’ve run into the issue where your passengers suddenly revolt and turn your game into 18th century France, that’s a brand new, terrifying scenario we didn’t know could happen, we apologize. Otherwise, if you’ve noticed glitchy train lines or an uneven number of passengers boarding, that’s definitely been addressed.The update has already been pushed out onto Steam as well as our DRM-free build here on Playism. Steam users, you should be all set! DRM-free folk, please consider if you want to copy over your save game or not for this minor bug fix. The save file is baked into the game so hard we can’t extract it with two surgeons and a kid who read C++ for Dummies.


Mini Metro on Playism

Mini Metro on Steam

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