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An island that bears the scars of a past war. 


MEMENTO – $5.98

Like any historical landmark, this would normally be an ideal place to hold a school field trip. But the mysterious island in Memento has a very different lesson to teach.
After becoming dizzy and losing consciousness during free time in the war museum, you wake up to find the island not as it had been before. Natural wildlife becomes hostile; weapons and machinery abandoned long ago breathe life once again. They are not pleased to see you.
Memento is a 16-bit action horror adventure where you play as Shizuru, a high school student from Saint Cattleya High School. Stranded alone in this perilous island, you must help Shizuru find her friends and escape back to her own reality.


  • Rich characters and a well-crafted, movie-like script
  • Multiple endings
  • Creative music that adds to the atmosphere

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