Medusa and Her Lover

PLAYISM is proud to announce the release of Medusa and Her Lover to the PlayStation 4 on Jun 25th, 2019.
This is the tale of Medusa, cursed to turn all upon whom her gaze falls to tone, and Gaios, her lover. Take control of both of these characters to progress through each stage in this VR cooperative action title. Featuring an all-new gimmick in which two players can split gameplay between the VR headset and the monitor to enjoy local multiplayer action with a single PS4 console.

They must never gaze into each other’s eyes.
Medusa was known for her beautiful eyes… Eyes which turn those who meet her gaze to stone.
Her lover, Gaios, has sworn to free her from this curse placed upon her by a witch.
Undertake a deadly journey to break the curse so the pair may gaze upon each other once again.








Medusa and Her Lover tells the story of the journey of Medusa, cursed to turn those who meet her gaze into stone, and her lover, the sword-wielding Gaios. When playing in 2P co-op mode, the player using the VR headset plays as Medusa, with the other player controlling Gaios while watching the monitor. For single-player mode, the player takes on both roles, controlling Medusa with their left hand and Gaios with their right.
The story mode comprises a classic action game in which you must clear a series of stages. Each stage has three levels of difficulty, and the harder the difficulty level, the easier it is to rack up a high score. Play on “Easy” mode as you guide the way for a friend who is new to action games, or bump it up to “Hard” mode and team up with a seasoned veteran.

The game contains six episodes, with the story progressing as you clear each episode’s stages while coming up against a variety of obstacles. However, these “obstacles” are not only monsters; humans and even Medusa’s own powers can also impede your progress. The underlying story itself isn’t laid out and explained as it is in many games, so infer what you can from Medusa and Gaios’s conversations and Medusa’s rich facial expressions.

Comments from the Developer

In the ancient legends, Medusa was treated as a monster, and killed.
However in this game, Medusa has a lover named Gaios, who helps her and guides her along the way during their journey.
You’ll put on the VR headset and becoming Medusa herself, while you may have a friend, lover, or family member play alongside you as Gaios.
But however frightened or uneasy you may feel, you absolutely must not look at Gaios’s face.
By this point, you don’t need us to tell you why, right?
Sync up your hearts and your controllers and battle your way through all six episodes!
If it’s your kind of thing, you can even play alone, controlling Medusa with your left hand and Gaios with your right!
ship of EYLN

Game Information
Title : Medusa and Her Lover
Store page :
PV :
Developer : Ship of EYLN/MiCROViSiON
Distributor : PLAYISM
Genre : VR cooperative action
Platform : PS4 (requires PS VR)
Release date : June 25th, 2019 (Tue.)
MSRP : $19.99
No. of players : 1-2 players
Rating : ESRB E10+ (Fantasy Violence) PEGI 12 (Violence, Bad Language)
Copyright info : ©2019 ship of EYLN ©2019 MiCRO ViSiON Inc. © Active Gaming Media Inc.

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