Mecharitz: Steel Rondo Lands On Playism!

MechaRitz: Steel Rondo – $6.99

Sometimes the most terrifying part of mankind is the intelligence. When a young genius decides to seize everything she wants, she creates “Mecha” and erases the world as we know it.
The last hope for the world is one “Mecha”, an embodiment of human will, determined to fight their way through enemy lines to the heart of the world’s dilemma.



Dive into this exciting Shoot-em-up and enjoy the dynamic levels as you race and destroy hordes of enemies coming at you. As you fight your way through the destruction, you may just learn a more terrifying truth to the world.

MechaRitz: Steel Rondo has a unique dynamic ranking system to it, a special feature that will challenge masters and ease in beginners. Not only does the ranking system spur you onwards, but the 12 unlockable ships, each with their own set of unique attacks, gives you a challenge to find your perfect match.


As an extra feature, make sure to check out the soundtrack for MechaRitz, these FM Synthesizer tunes are nothing you want to miss!

Grab MechaRitz: Steel Rondo on Playism now for $6.99 $6.29 during launch sale.

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