Mecha-Mayhem Ensues: Breakarts Is Now On iOS And Android!

BreakArts: Cyber Battle Racing


Mobile users unite! It’s time to join the arena of BREAKARTS: Cyber Battle Racing. Hop in the helm of your very own mech and devise an incredible strategy to outrun, outlast and out-blast your opponents. With a veritable smorgasbord of customization options, there’s no two ways that any mech can be designed and styled!

The name of the game is getting a robot set up to match your style. Do you want to be a lightweight runner? Vermilion might be the battle-suit for you. More interested in obliterating your opposition before they can cross the finish line? Orihalcon may blast you to victory! No matter what your desire, BREAKARTS has the robotic chassis that’s right for YOU.

There’s plenty of online racing against strangers, as well as solo missions and even coop missions to accomplish with friends! Let the race unfold in the way you like best: either hurtle around the track at lightning speed, or take your time and simply detonate anyone who’s trying to out run you. Plus, hey, why attack your friends on a go kart when you can do it in a combat robot?

With a high level of personalization and tons of replay that comes from a random human element, BREAKARTS will stay on your phone for a long, long time. Android or iOS, everybody’s welcome. Best of all, the price is right: BREAKARTS is completely FREE. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by stepping into the cockpit and blowing up as many robots as you can. In fact, I’m gonna go do that now before everyone gets good at the game and I’m dead last in rankings!

BREAKARTS on the App Store

BREAKARTS on the Play Store

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