Meadowland Is 60% Off This Week!

Meadowland On Steam

Not every game is going to be a sweeping adventure, a pulse-pounding arena or a terrifying escape. Video games can be art and, like other forms of art, some games are meant to be consumed and reflected upon, like a fine wine or a savory snack. Meadowland is a great example of a game that is not exactly a game, but an experience to indulge and contemplate at your own discretion.
The premise is simple: you control a fairy who flies around a picture book landscape, interacting with various objects through a magic song. There are several chapters, and each will unfold as you complete the objective of the previous. The main thematic is dreams: achieving them, their limitless potential and, despite all discouragement, following your own.
For this week only, Meadowland is running a 60% discount through Steam. As an already inexpensive game, the price dropping to $1.59 makes it a no brainier for people wanting to try something new and different. This is one of the very few games we do NOT sell directly from Playism, so the sale on Steam is guaranteed to be the lowest and best value.
If you’re ready to spend a little of your time to discover a new way to dream, go check it out on Steam today! Meadowland: a story as told by you.

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