Magic Potion Explorer Comes To Playism


How deeply will you descend into the basement to get rid of that old witch?

I remember the first time a witch invaded my home and cursed my family. It was a grand affair: my brother became a dog, the walls turned to honey, and I’m pretty sure I stopped living in the 19th century (are opium dens still a thing?). But not every witch that comes to beset your life with a crazy and unexpected twist does so in a succinct manner. For our protagonist, Pastel, the visit of a witch has resulted in a new hatch in her shop floor that leads to an underground labyrinth of unimaginable depths. Fueled by anger at having her home remodeled without consent, Pastel dives into the basement caverns, determined to find the witch and give her a piece of her mind.
Thankfully, our plucky hero isn’t headed down unarmed: the witch has installed this dungeon beneath a magic potions shop, and Pastel is rather gifted at knowing how to brew the right concoctions to power up and drive her deeper and deeper. It’s almost as if she has a natural talent for magic, as well as a desire to do better. I wonder if that has anything to do with why the witch set up her curse here?
Playism is proud to present Magic Potion Explorer from indie development team ARTIFACTS. If you were at BitSummit this past July, you may have gotten a chance to see this cute and crazy dungeon crawler(?) in action. Magic Potion Explorer is built on the WOLF RPG Editor, which was created by Smoking Wolf specifically so other developers could create amazing experiences like One Way Heroics themselves. MPE is a fast-paced dungeon crawl where the user has to decide what paths Pastel will take in leveling upand discovering her potions in order to dive deeper, faster and more successfully.  If the action starts coming too quickly, you can pause at any time to help re-calibrate yourself and figure out which direction you want to take next. Do you try and soup up your spells of destruction to blast through monsters faster? Or do you max out HP to try and outlast them? The choices are up to you, and they will definitely affect how quickly you can get through the dungeon.
MPE is a great game for both focused and casual play. If you suddenly need to focus on a spreadsheet, Skype call or some other window, Pastel will continue to dive until you pause OR she, unfortunately, gets beat by a monster and sent back to the very top. This is a mistake I made SEVERAL times. Don’t assume you can coast through a dungeon: the minute you change levels, the monsters up their game and you can find yourself out of health and forced to trudge back down from the very start in no time flat. Underestimation is not the right way to become a successful Explorer.
Starting today, you can experience the wonder and mystery of the trap door dungeon on Playism! Magic Potion Explorer is available in DRM-free glory, I recommend picking up MPE today at a launch discount and becoming the best damn Explorer you can be! Good luck, and may your potions be strong and your squirt gun full!
Magic Potion Explorer ($9.99)

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