Magic Potion Destroyer Coming Soon!

Our next game’s coming soon page has gone live!

Magic Potion Destroyer is coming soon to Playism and Steam!

Magic Potion Destroyer is a strategy game where you must escape from a mansion.
The game’s system is very similar to its predecessor: Magic Potion Explorer.

But you might be surprised at just how different the atmosphere is in this game.

From Magic Potion Explorer:

Even among witches, there are various types.
There are cruel witches. There are delicate and elegant witches.
And there are joking witches like myself.


…Magic Potion Destroyer tells a story surrounding one such “cruel witch”.

12 years have passed since the events of Magic Potion Explorer.
Somewhere deep in the mountains, the protagonist Claudia has lost her memory, awakening to find herself imprisoned.

It was the mansion of a “man-eating witch”.
Relying on her memory and own strength, Claudia plans her escape from the mansion.

Will Claudia be able to escape from the mansion and reach the best possible conclusion?


Meet Claudia Chronica

A girl imprisoned in the mansion of the man-eating witch.
She has the rare ability to control powerful magic and create magic potions without ingredients, separating her from the rest of mankind… but she has lost many memories, leaving major details unknown to even herself.

While making her escape, she starts to recall these memories.
Who she is. Why she is here. And, what she must do.


Magic Potion Destroyer is coming soon to Playism and Steam! Add it to your wishlist now!

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