Lost Technology – Introducing the Factions

Lost Technology just got its release date, and will be heading to Playism and Steam August 9th!
We will be launching with three of the factions, and as we explained in our previous blog post, we will be adding more factions as DLC based on how well the game does.

To celebrate the release date announcement, we will be introducing the first three factions you will be encountering in-game.


Difficulty: ★ ★ ★

Based in Ausonia Forest, the world’s largest forest region, and home to the World Tree, the elves built their capital city around it in order to protect it.

The Elves of the forest avoid fighting with other countries, but in these troubled times they devote themselves to defense. They cannot hide their unease and suspicion over the passing of the Emperor and sudden appointment of Agnes. Having defended their woods for so long, it has begun to occur to them that the best way to defend the forest may be to force an opponent to surrender before they can act.


Leader: Ephemeral

Leader of the elves of Alfheim. Ended a civil war in Ausonia Forest about 40 years ago, and established a new country. Elves tend to favor bows but also wield swords. They also manipulate plants so that they can create bows by touching trees and use sharpened branches as arrows. With this power, they can ire with one hand. Able to fight with both bows and swords, they have exceptional fighting strength. They don’t hold any desire for expansion, but worry that defending their borders may not be enough.



Difficulty: ★

A clan of lizardmen living in the great marshes. With no desire to rule over others and no laws to fovern them, they live a simple life of hunting when hungry. Elves and humans alike are nothing but prey to them. They also consider damaging the ecosystem a crime, and plan to give the humans a warning for their interference.


Lizard King: Hissssa

Often thought of as aggressive and warlike, but really places hunting above all else. Respects enemies who offer a good hunt, hiding and running or gathering together. Dislikes those who stand up in the name of honor and chivalry. Lizardmen are already known for their skills with blades and martial combat, but Hissssa stands above them all when it comes to the sword. Once climbed Mt. Arsia to have Chromium forge a new blade. The sword became known as “Sidesplitter”, Hissssa’s favored weapon.

Reinald Empire

Difficulty: ★★★★

Having existed more than 47 years, it is currently the oldest Human country. The land is fertile, and the country is strong both economically and militarily. The former Emperor died from illness and the Crown Prince passed suddenly. Agnes, the granddaughter, then became empress. Spoiled and indulged since childhood, her only duties were to sign documents brought to her by her officers. Unquestioningly following their directives, the corrupt empress advances her armies.


Empress:  Agnes

14 year-old current empress of the Reinald Empire, controlling the imperial capital of Ortygia. Rose to her position after her grandfather, the previous emperor, died of illness and the crown prince suddenly passed away. Rather arrogant, as she was overindulged growing up. Her rule simply consists of her doing as Horaz (the Prime Minister) says. Largely disliked by the population, though sometimes hides among them and desires to punish those who cause them to suffer.



Lost Technology comes out August 9th on Playism and Steam.

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