Lost Technology – Introducing Castus

We are excited to announce that Lost Technology is gaining 3 new factions this week! Yesterday we announced the addition of The Kingdom of Gug to the game, and today we are introducing another faction before the release of the update.

Lost Technology is a simulation game in which over 100 characters comprising a total of 12 different factions battle to conquer each other’s territories. The faction chosen at the beginning will determine the conversations and events that occur throughout the game between the player and the other factions.

This war-based simulation game features three different phases of play.

Phase One: Turn-Based War Strategy
Phase Two: Real-Time Battle
Phase Three: Story Event
Choose your faction, and conquer the land through strategic battles and diplomatic advances.

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Please note that the game price will increase from $2.99 to $4.99 on April 25th 5pm PDT.

Now, let’s introduce our next new faction!


Difficulty: ★★★★★

A religion founded by an atheist to take advantage of the pious peoples of the desert.

Its followers champion saving the weak and overthrowing the powerful in the name of God. As they expand out from the harsh deserts in search of bountiful lands so too do their teachings…


Head of the Castus Religion: Ishak

Both the head and founder of the Castus religion.

While Ishak uses God’s name to justify riding into battle or imposing sacrifice, he himself does not believe in God’s existence for a second. However, if God does exist Ishak would very much like to meet him.

When Ishak realizes he can use the piety of the people around him to his advantage he galvanizes them into an organized religion and overthrows a desert kingdom, establishing the religion as a major power.

Ishak would be the first to admit he deserves divine retribution for using God’s name for his ends. That is, if God truly exists.


Please note that for the addition of new factions to Lost Technology, we will be increasing the price upon update.
The game price will increase from $2.99 to $4.99 on April 25th 5pm PDT.
Everyone who already owns the game, will get the update for free.


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